Cumbrian Codgers — Ringing break at Tulloch Ringing Centre

14 – 17 March 2019

Cumbrian Codgers Scottish Adventure Mk2. This time focusing on progressing your ringing - a ringing holiday at Tulloch Ringing Centre.

Two sets of tower bells and two of handbells are available, for peals or quarter peals; focused ringing on requested methods and general ringing. The dumbbell/simulator room can be used to work on technique, striking, ringing methods etc individually, in pairs or small groups; starter group for handbells.

Pickled egg methods for Feb and March, for those who want to learn new stuff.

No one need do everything, as long as we have enough to cover each session wanted.

A few places left for stronger ringers to support those wanting to work on extending their basic methods range, and for those who want to ring the PPE methods.

Contact Chris de Cordova ( to apply.

Associated performances will be held to be printed together. People should ensure that performances are linked to this before sending them for print.

The submitter has indicated that he or she will send this for print when all the expected performances have been added.