North Staffordshire Association — Haughton's 2019 Minimus Challenge

1st January – 31st December 2019

We’ve set ourselves the challenge of ringing all 11 standard Minimus methods, one each month during 2019, to complete the challenge in December we will ring all 11.

Associated performances

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30 Dec 2019Haughton (St Giles)1272 Kent and Plain Bob Minimus
14 Nov 2019Haughton (St Giles)1272 Plain Bob Minimus
28 Oct 2019Haughton (St Giles)1272 Double Court Place Minimus
2 Sep 2019Haughton (St Giles)1272 Reverse Court Place Minimus
19 Aug 2019Haughton (St Giles)1272 Single Court Place Minimus
10 Jul 2019Church Eaton (St Edith’s)1272 Double Canterbury Place Minimus
1 Jun 2019Haughton (St Giles)1272 Canterbury Place Minimus
23 May 2019Gnosall (St Lawrence)1272 Reverse Canterbury Place Minimus
3 Apr 2019Brewood (St Mary and St Chad)1272 St Nicholas Bob Minimus
21 Mar 2019Stafford (St Mary's)1272 Reverse St Nicholas Bob Minimus
28 Feb 2019Haughton (St Giles)1272 Double Bob Minimus
17 Jan 2019Haughton (St Giles)1272 Reverse Bob Minimus

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