1420 Spliced Plain Bob Doubles, Minor, Triples, Major, Caters, Royal, Cinques and Maximus
Composed by Andrew Enzor
480 Maximus, 22 Cinques, 200 Royal, 36 Caters, 336 Major, 126 Triples, 120 Minor, 100 Doubles, 39 changes of method with no bobs or singles
PB11, PB9, PB7, PB6 x2, PB8, PB9, PB7	124563E9780T
PB6 x3, PB5, PB6 x3, PB5 x2	156342E9780T
PB10 x2, PB12 x4	1908T72E3456
PB7 x3, PB5, PB6, PB8 x3	19E02T783456
PB12 x5	15634782TE09
PB8 x2, PB5, PB6, PB7, PB5, PB8 x5, PB7	16587342TE09
PB12 x6, PB8 x3	1342TE098765
PB10 x4, PB8, PB10 x4	1234TE098765
PB8 x3, PB5 x2, PB8	1T0E49238765
PB12 x5	1658723490ET
PB8, PB5, PB8, PB7, PB5, PB7	1234567890ET

This composition was rung on Sunday, 21 May 2023 at Stockton on Tees.