5040 Spliced Fourths Place Delight Minor (35m)
Composed by John S Warboys (4D0704)
35m: Abbeyville, Bedford, Braintree, Burnaby, Burslem, Canterbury, Charlwood, Clarence, College Bob IV, Combermere, Crowland, Elston, Evesham, Fountains, Glastonbury, Humber, Kirkstall, London Victory, Marple, Melrose, Merton, Neasden, Newdigate, Old Oxford, Sherborne, Southwark, St Albans, St Werburgh, Taxal, Tewkesbury, Tintern, Vale Royal, Waltham, Willesden, Wragby; all the work
  23456 [Me Ta]
- 64235 El Cr El
- 64352 Ns Sl Cw Wr Cr
- 64523 Lv [Ol] Bu
s 24356 Ev Ml Ev Te Av
- 45632 Ce
- 32645 Ca
- 32456 Sh Fo Va
- 25643 Cd Sw
- 25436 So Ti Gl
- 36425 Gl
s 63254 Be Cb Ma Ng Bs
- 26354 Bs Wa Ki Wa
- 54326 Hm Wi Br Wi
- 42635
  Repeat 4 times.  In one part swap the leads [Me Ta] with the lead [Ol].

Abbeyville (Av), Bedford (Be), Braintree (Br), Burnaby (Bu), Burslem (Bs), Canterbury (Ca), Charlwood (Cw), Clarence (Cr), College Bob IV (Cb), Combermere (Ce), Crowland (Cd), Elston (El), Evesham (Ev), Fountains (Fo), Glastonbury (Gl), Humber (Hm), Kirkstall (Ki), London Victory (Lv), Marple (Ma), Melrose (Ml), Merton (Me), Neasden (Ns), Newdigate (Ng), Old Oxford (Ol), Sherborne (Sh), Southwark (So), St Albans (Sl), St Werburgh (Sw), Taxal (Ta), Tewkesbury (Te), Tintern (Ti), Vale Royal (Va), Waltham (Wa), Willesden (Wi), Wragby (Wr).

This composition was rung on Friday, 24 February 2023 at Birmingham.