5040 Spliced Treble Bob Minor (29m)
Composed by J S Warboys (TB0701)
29m: Oxford, Sandal, Chadkirk, British Scholars' Pleasure, Rochester, Morning Star, London Scholars' Pleasure, Capel, Kingston, Woodcock's Victory, Duke of Norfolk, College Exercise, Ockley, Norbury, Burton, Nelson, Snowdon, Berwyn, Quantock, Waterford, Kent, Trinity Sunday, Killamarsh, Pennine, Mendip, Cheviot, Chiltern, Norton-le-Moors, Cotswold; all the work.
5040 Spliced Treble Bob Minor (29 methods all the work) 
J S Warboys TB0701 
  23456 Ox Sd Cj Bp
- 23564 Rc Ms
- 52364 Ls Ci Ks Wv Wv 
- 52643 Dk Cf Oc Ny Bp 
- 65243 Bp Ms 
- 32654 Bz Nl Cj Cj 
s 45632 Sn Bw Bw
- 45326 Qu Wf Kt
- 63452 Tr Bw 
- 46352 Km Bw Bw 
- 46523 Pn
- 35462 Mp 
- 56243 C3 C2 C3 
- 32564 Nm 
- 45326 C2 
- 26345 C1 C2 
s 35264 

5 part. 

All leads of Kt, Mp, Ms, Nm and Pn are bobbed. 

Berwyn (Bw), British Scholars' Pleasure (Bp), Burton (Bz), Capel (Ci), Chadkirk (Cj), Cheviot (C3), Chiltern (C2), College Exercise (Cf), Cotswold (C1), Duke of Norfolk (Dk), Kent (Kt), Killamarsh (Km), Kingston (Ks), London Scholars' Pleasure (Ls), Mendip (Mp), Morning Star (Ms), Nelson (Nl), Norbury (Ny), Norton-le-Moors (Nm), Ockley (Oc), Oxford (Ox), Pennine (Pn), Quantock (Qu), Rochester (Rc), Sandal (Sd), Snowdon (Sn), Trinity Sunday (Tr), Waterford (Wf), Woodcock's Victory.

This composition was rung on Wednesday, 2 October 2019 at Bristol.