5148 Spliced Maximus (8 Methods)
Composed by R B Pullin
1056 each Molto Bene, Simpson’s Tavern S and Sunny Afternoon D; 528 Allonzi, Asaph Hall and Phobos S; 220 Bastow Little B; 176 Crayford Little B; 175 changes of method; all the work.
5148 Spliced Maximus

(8m: 1056 Molto Bene Surprise, Simpson's Tavern Surprise, Sunny Afternoon Delight; 528 Allonzi Surprise, Asaph Hall Surprise, Phobos Surprise; 220 Bastow Little Bob; 176 Crayford Little Bob)

   1234567890ET  Molto Bene Surprise
   13527496E8T0  Phobos Surprise
   142638507T9E  Crayford Little Bob
   108T6E492735  Sunny Afternoon Delight
   1795E3T20486  Bastow Little Bob
   157392E4T608  Sunny Afternoon Delight
   1648203T5E79  Crayford Little Bob
   1T0E89674523  Asaph Hall Surprise
   1ET907856342  Molto Bene Surprise
14 1ET089674523  Bastow Little Bob
16 10E9T8674523  Simpson's Tavern Surprise
18 1908E7T64523  Bastow Little Bob
10 189706E5T423  Allonzi Surprise
10 1908E7T62345  Bastow Little Bob
18 189706ET2345  Simpson's Tavern Surprise
16 178690ET2345  Bastow Little Bob
14 167890ET2345

11 part. 175 com.

This composition was rung on Saturday, 14 September 2019 at City of London.