5040 Spliced Major (14 Methods)
Composed by Donald F Morrison (no 8265), arr. Graham N Scott
672 Bristol S, 448 Cambridge S, Glasgow S, Lancashire S, Lessness S, London S, Superlative S, 336 Double Norwich Court Bob; 224 Cooktown Orchid D, Cornwall S, Deva S, Easthampstead S, Kenninghall S, Yorkshire S; 153 changes of method, all the work
5040 14-Spliced Major Op. Based on 8265
Composed by Donald F Morrison
Arranged by Graham N Scott
2345678	W	H	Methods
6423857		–	K.
7 part.
Contains 672 Bristol Surprise; 448 Cambridge Surprise, Glasgow Surprise, Lancashire Surprise, Lessness Surprise (E), London Surprise, Superlative Surprise; 336 Double Norwich Court Bob (Dn); 224 Cooktown Orchid Delight (O), Cornwall Surprise (W), Deva Surprise, Easthampstead Surprise (A), Kenninghall Surprise, Yorkshire Surprise; 153 com; atw.
14 5678s (3f,11b), 10 6578s (4f,6b), 51 crus (20f,31b), 134 4-bell runs (59f,75b), 233 5678combinations (88f,145b), 13 8765s (6f,7b), Waterfall.

This composition was rung on Friday, 19 July 2019 at Easthampstead.