5760 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
Composed by John S Warboys
41m: Norwich, Rossendale, Annable’s London, Warkworth, Stamford, Bacup, Netherseale, Westminster, Lightfoot, Bamborough, Wearmouth, Allendale, Lincoln, Coldstream, Cunecastre, Northumberland, Sandiacre, Wooler, Newcastle, Chester, Whitley, Alnwick, Munden, Carlisle, Morpeth, Canterbury, London, Wells, Kelso, Cambridge, Berwick, Bourne, Hull, Beverley, Surfleet, Durham, Hexham, York, Norfolk, Primrose, Ipswich; all the work.
5760 Spliced S. Minor (41 methods all the work) SU0805

  23456 No
- 42356 Ro Ab Wk
- 56342 St Bc
- 35642 Ne Ab
- 35426 Bc Wk
- 26435 Ws Lf Bm Wm Ad
s 24635 Li
- 43562 Co
- 36254 Cu
  65342 Nb Sa
- 65423 Wo Nw Ch
- 52346 Wh Ak Mu
- 35246 Cl Mo Sa Ct
  23654 Lo
- 46235 We
- 52463 Ke
s 36452 Cm Bk Bo
- 36524 Hu Bv Su Du
- 62453 He Bo Yo
- 46253 Nf Pr Bv
- 46532 Ip Du
- 54632
  Repeat 4 times.

Allendale (Ad), Alnwick (Ak), Annable's London (Ab), Bacup (Bc), Bamborough (Bm), Berwick (Bk), Beverley (Bv), Bourne (Bo), Cambridge (Cm), Canterbury (Ct), Carlisle (Cl), Chester (Ch), Coldstream (Co), Cunecastre (Cu), Durham (Du), Hexham (He), Hull (Hu), Ipswich (Ip), Kelso (Ke), Lightfoot (Lf), Lincoln (Li), London (Lo), Morpeth (Mo), Munden (Mu), Netherseale (Ne), Newcastle (Nw), Norfolk (Nf), Northumberland (Nb), Norwich (No), Primrose (Pr), Rossendale (Ro), Sandiacre (Sa), Stamford (St), Surfleet (Su), Warkworth (Wk), Wearmouth (Wm), Wells (We), Westminster (Ws), Whitley (Wh), Wooler (Wo), York (Yo).

This composition was rung on Saturday, 9 March 2019 at Birmingham.