10192 Spliced Surprise Fourteen (14m)
Composed by John S Warboys
728 each Aerilon, Ariella, Athena, Bristow, Cornish, Horsleydown, Leicestershire, Libran, London No 3, Starbuck, Woodstock, York, Zalinky, Zarek, 181 changes of method, all the work and each lead different
 1234567890ETAB  Zalinky        
 1ET90785634B2A  Woodstock      
 1T0E89674523AB  Cornish        
 19E7T5038B6A42  Zarek          
 108T6E4927A5B3  Athena         
 1795E3TB0A8264  Horsleydown    
 164820ATBE3957  Libran         
 135B7A92E4T608  Ariella        
 1426A8B03T5E79  Bristow        
 1B3A527496E8T0  Aerilon       
-12AB34567890ET  Leicestershire 
 1A325B7496E8T0  Starbuck      
-1B2A34567890ET  York           
 123B5A7496E8T0  London No.3   
728 changes of each method, 181 changes of method. 

This composition was rung on Friday, 28 December 2018 at Birmingham.