5112 Spliced Maximus (6m)
Composed by John S Warboys (Blue Peal, 12 part)
6m: 120 Blue Lynx Differential; 1152 Blueberry, Navy, Peacock Surprise; 768 Midnight Alliance; Ocean Little Alliance. 119 com, all the work for all 12 bells.
  1234567890ET  Midnight
  142638507T9E  Blueberry
  13527496E8T0  Peacock
  1648203T5E79  Ocean
  157392E4T608  Navy
  18604T2E3957  Navy
  1795E3T20486  Ocean
  108T6E492735  Peacock
  19E7T5038264  Blueberry
  1T0E89674523  Midnight
- 1ET089674523  Blue Lynx
- 890ET1234567

12 part. 119 com.

This composition was rung on Saturday, 30 June 2018 at City of London.