5082 Spliced Maximus (10 Methods)
Composed by D J Pipe
1056 Orion S; 880 Europa Little TP; 792 Callisto Little A; 528 each Bristol S and Io Little A; 440 each Chaldene Little A and Maypole A; 220 Leda Little A; 110 Zeus Differential Little B; 88 Metis Little TP; 175 changes of method; all the work.
5082 Spliced Maximus in 10 methods
Composed by: David J Pipe

   234567890ET Io Little Alliance
   42638507T9E Chaldene Little Alliance
   3527496E8T0 Leda Little Alliance
   648203T5E79 Callisto Little Alliance
   57392E4T608 Europa Little Treble Place
   8604T2E3957 Europa Little Treble Place
   795E3T20486 Callisto Little Alliance
   08T6E492735 Leda Little Alliance
   9E7T5038264 Chaldene Little Alliance
   T0E89674523 Io Little Alliance
 - ET907856423 Europa Little Treble Place
   342567890ET Orion Surprise
   23648507T9E Maypole Alliance
   57493E2T608 Europa Little Treble Place
   8602T3E4957 Europa Little Treble Place
   795E4T30286 Bristol Surprise
   T0E89672534 Orion Surprise
 - ET907856234 Metis Little Treble Place
 - ET907856342 Zeus Differential Little Bob

11 part.
(Note bobs are made in 10ths) 

This composition was rung on Saturday, 20 January 2018 at City of London.