5016 Spliced Maximus (6 Methods)
Composed by D J Pipe
1056 each Ariel Surprise, Phobos Surprise and Zanussi Surprise; 880 Maypole Alliance; 792 Deimos Alliance; 176 Slinky Differential Little Treble Place; 109 changes of method; all the work.
5016 Spliced Maximus in 6 methods
Composed by: David J Pipe

 234567890ET  Slinky Differential Little TP
 4523ET90786  Deimos A
 534T20E8967  Phobos S
 24E5937T608  Maypole A
 3T504826E79  Ariel S
 E29475638T0  Zanussi S
 T038564729E  Zanussi S
 9E72648503T  Ariel S
 08T637594E2  Maypole A
 796E8204T53  Phobos S
 8607T93E524  Deimos A

11 part.

Contains 1056 Ariel S, Phobos S, Zanussi S; 880 Maypole A; 792 Deimos A; 176 Slinky Differential Little TP with 109 changes of method, all the work.

This composition was rung on Saturday, 15 October 2016 at London.