6480 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor (147 Methods)
Composed by J S Warboys (TD0901)
Balmoral, Barham, Beeston, Belvoir, Berkeley, Bogedone, Bucknall, Caernarvon, Cambridge, Carisbrooke, Castleton, Chelsea, Chepstow, Conisborough, Conway, Coventry, Disley, Donottar, Dover, Dunedin, Edinburgh, Ely, Evening Star, Fotheringay, Francis Genius, Kentish, Knutsford, Leasowe, Ludlow, Melandra, Oswald, Pembroke, Pevensey, Peveril, Pontefract, Richborough, Rostherne, Skipton, Stirling, Warwick, Wath, Wilmslow 3D; Abbeyville, Bedford, Braintree, Burnaby, Burslem, Canterbury, Charlwood, Clarence, College Bob IV, Combermere, Crowland, Elston, Evesham, Fountains, Glastonbury, Humber, Kirkstall, London Victory, Marple, Melrose, Merton, Neasden, Newdigate, Old Oxford, Sherborne, Southwark, St Albans, St Werburgh, Taxal, Tewkesbury, Tintern, Vale Royal, Waltham, Willesden, Wragby 4D; Allendale, Alnwick, Annable's London, Bacup, Bamborough, Berwick, Beverley, Bourne, Cambridge, Canterbury, Carlisle, Chester, Coldstream, Cunecastre, Durham, Hexham, Hull, Ipswich, Kelso, Lightfoot, Lincoln, London, Morpeth, Munden, Netherseale, Newcastle, Norfolk, Northumberland, Norwich, Primrose, Rossendale, Sandiacre, Stamford, Surfleet, Warkworth, Wearmouth, Wells, Westminster, Whitley, Wooler, York S; Berwyn, British Scholars’ Pleasure, Burton, Capel, Chadkirk, Cheviot, Chiltern, College Exercise, Cotswold, Duke of Norfolk, Kent, Killamarsh, Kingston, London Scholars’ Pleasure, Mendip, Morning Star, Nelson, Norbury, Norton-le-Moors, Ockley, Oxford, Pennine, Quantock, Rochester, Sandal, Snowdon, Trinity Sunday, Waterford, Woodcock’s Victory TB.
  23456 Be Ro Me Wm Be
- 56423 Ns Bm Ol Sl El
s 32456 Bn Cx Cx Cx Pn
s 34256 Di Di Di Ms Di
- 23456 Bk Sd Be
- 42356 Ba Fg Bv
- 42563 Hu Ls Lv Hu Hu
- 42635 Nf Wa Ki Ip Lf
- 35642

  35642 Wt Po Dt Ck Ck
- 42635 Be
- 23564 Bz Rc Cb Bz Rc
- 64523 Ri Wv Be
- 64235 Bl Bl Do Bl Bl
- 64352 Bu Bu Bu Du Yo
s 63452 By Os Kh Bw Bh
- 52463 Ce Va Ke Cd Cd
- 45263

  45263 Nb Ml Wh Fo Nb
- 63245 Wo Te Sa Ev Te
- 45263 Cu
- 45632 Av Ca Pv We Li
- 64532 Pv Li Li Co Co
- 56432 Cu
- 56324 Sw Ca Le Av Sw
- 35624 Lo So So Pn So
- 63524 Cu Cu
- 32456

  32456 Kt
- 43256 Qu Tr Tr Ti Tr
- 24356 Cu
s 42563 Cj Nl Nl Fr Cj
- 63542 He Pe Pr Pr
- 63425 Cg Nl
- 25463 Cs Sk Pr
- 25634 Di Ms
- 53462 Dk Cf Cn Bo Ma
- 45362 Ey Wl Bu
- 34562 Ms
- 34625 Ws
- 34256

  34256 Bg Dn Rs Bu
- 23456 Oc Bp Dn
- 64235 Bv Cm Bs Su Cm
- 26435 Ma Ny Bm
- 42635 Bp Bp
- 42356 Lf
- 25634 Cw Cr Wr Bc Wr
- 25346 Ws
- 25463 Ad
- 25634 Wk Wk Ox Wk Wk
- 25346 Nl Nl Nl
s 36254

  36254 Md Cc Cc
- 36542 Pn Pn Pn Nm Pn
- 53642 C1 Mp Pn Mp C1
- 65342 Bt Mp
- 23654 Mo Ct Cy Sh Lu
- 23546 Kt Kt Kt
- 46523 Nw Ww Ak Cz Ww
- 54623 Pm Ed Wf Bh Bh
- 23654

  23654 Sg C2 Sg C3 Sg
- 62354 Sn Km Km Lu Km
- 62543 Cl Cl Cl Cl Ch
- 56243 Cl Cl
- 64325 Cl Mu Gl Ch Cl
- 36425 C2 C3 C2 C3 C3
- 43625 Cl Gl Cl
s 52643

  52643 Be Cv Cv Es Es
- 43652 Wk
- 64352 Ws Ad Ab Ng Ws
- 23645 No No
- 56234 Ad Lf El Be
- 42563 Ne Be
- 54263 Hm Wi Br Rc
- 46325 Di Di
- 62534 Yo Kn Bu
- 56234 St Ta Be
- 56342 Ci Ks Be
- 56423 Wk No No
- 23456

All singles are made in 1234.
Contains all the regular 147 treble dodging methods.

Abbeyville 4D (Av), Allendale S (Ad), Alnwick S (Ak), Annable's London S (Ab), Bacup S (Bc), Balmoral 3D (Ba), Bamborough S (Bm), Barham 3D (Bh), Bedford 4D (Be), Beeston 3D (Bt), Belvoir 3D (Bl), Berkeley 3D (By), Berwick S (Bk), Berwyn TB (Bw), Beverley S (Bv), Bogedone 3D (Bg), Bourne S (Bo), Braintree 4D (Br), British Scholars Pleasure TB (Bp), Bucknall 3D (Bn), Burnaby 4D (Bu), Burslem 4D (Bs), Burton TB (Bz), Caernarvon 3D (Cz), Cambridge S (Cm), Cambridge 3D (Cg), Canterbury S (Ct), Canterbury 4D (Ca), Capel TB (Ci), Carisbrooke 3D (Ck), Carlisle S (Cl), Castleton 3D (Cx), Chadkirk TB (Cj), Charlwood 4D (Cw), Chelsea 3D (Cc), Chepstow 3D (Cs), Chester S (Ch), Cheviot TB (C3), Chiltern TB (C2), Clarence 4D (Cr), Coldstream S (Co), College Bob IV 4D (Cb), College Exercise TB (Cf), Combermere 4D (Ce), Conisborough 3D (Cn), Conway 3D (Cy), Cotswold TB (C1), Coventry 3D (Cv), Crowland 4D (Cd), Cunecastre S (Cu), Disley 3D (Di), Donottar 3D (Dt), Dover 3D (Do), Duke of Norfolk TB (Dk), Dunedin 3D (Dn), Durham S (Du), Edinburgh 3D (Ed), Elston 4D (El), Ely 3D (Ey), Evening Star 3D (Es), Evesham 4D (Ev), Fotheringay 3D (Fg), Fountains 4D (Fo), Francis Genius 3D (Fr), Glastonbury 4D (Gl), Hexham S (He), Hull S (Hu), Humber 4D (Hm), Ipswich S (Ip), Kelso S (Ke), Kent TB (Kt), Kentish 3D (Kh), Killamarsh TB (Km), Kingston TB (Ks), Kirkstall 4D (Ki), Knutsford 3D (Kn), Leasowe 3D (Le), Lightfoot S (Lf), Lincoln S (Li), London S (Lo), London Scholars Pleasure TB (Ls), London Victory 4D (Lv), Ludlow 3D (Lu), Marple 4D (Ma), Melandra 3D (Md), Melrose 4D (Ml), Mendip TB (Mp), Merton 4D (Me), Morning Star TB (Ms), Morpeth S (Mo), Munden S (Mu), Neasden 4D (Ns), Nelson TB (Nl), Netherseale S (Ne), Newcastle S (Nw), Newdigate 4D (Ng), Norbury TB (Ny), Norfolk S (Nf), Northumberland S (Nb), Norton le Moors TB (Nm), Norwich S (No), Ockley TB (Oc), Old Oxford 4D (Ol), Oswald 3D (Os), Oxford TB (Ox), Pembroke 3D (Pm), Pennine TB (Pn), Pevensey 3D (Pe), Peveril 3D (Pv), Pontefract 3D (Po), Primrose S (Pr), Quantock TB (Qu), Richborough 3D (Ri), Rochester TB (Rc), Rossendale S (Ro), Rostherne 3D (Rs), Sandal TB (Sd), Sandiacre S (Sa), Sherborne 4D (Sh), Skipton 3D (Sk), Snowdon TB (Sn), Southwark 4D (So), St Albans 4D (Sl), Stamford S (St), Stirling 3D (Sg), St Werburgh 4D (Sw), Surfleet S (Su), Taxal 4D (Ta), Tewkesbury 4D (Te), Tintern 4D (Ti), Trinity Sunday TB (Tr), Vale Royal 4D (Va), Waltham 4D (Wa), Warkworth S (Wk), Warwick 3D (Ww), Waterford TB (Wf), Wath 3D (Wt), Wearmouth S (Wm), Wells S (We), Westminster S (Ws), Whitley S (Wh), Willesden 4D (Wi), Wilmslow 3D (Wl), Woodcocks Victory TB (Wv), Wooler S (Wo), Wragby 4D (Wr), York S (Yo).

This composition was rung on Friday, 25 March 2016 at Bristol.