This site lists all peals rung since 1985. They are taken from the, a site created by William Hall who devoted a huge amount of effort to its creation and maintenance. William died in April 2004. At the request of his family, the site is now being maintained and developed by The Ringing World Ltd. An account of William’s pioneering work appears here.

BellBoard includes performances copied from Campanophile, with permission from Tony Parry, its creator.

Our data on tower names, dedications and tenor weights is taken from the Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers with permission from the Stewards of the Dove Database; data on mini-rings is from the Mini-Ring Directory with kind permission from Michael Williams and Tim Jackson. Information on the traditional county in which each tower lies has kindly been provided by Tim Jackson and from TowerBase by Andrew Craddock. The Keltek Trust’s list of lost rings has also been included with kind permission from Dave Kelly.

The list of known method names comes from the methods collections maintained by the Central Council’s Methods Committee. The list of know variation names comes from the Doubles Variations webpage by Peter Hinton, which in turn largely derives from information from Melvyn Hiller in 2000.