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The Ringing World Board and staff are determined to weather the current Covid storm, but do not have endless funds available.

While we are currently stemming the annual reduction of subscribers, the loss of performance donations since the suspension of ringing has hit us hard. These donations are highly valued and make a significant contribution to our financial well-being.

Distributed Performances

For those who wish to submit performances to BellBoard that were rung on online platforms such as Ringing Room, Handbell Stadium or Muster, we suggest the following format on the submission form:

Place: the online platform (e.g. ’Ringing Room’)

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The Ringing World issue 5708

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Other highly-rated performances

17 Sep 2020 Cotton (St Andrew) 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
13 Sep 2020 Oxford (Merton College) 144 Stedman Triples
10 Sep 2020 Bosham (18 Penwarden Way) 5040 Bristol Surprise Royal
15 Sep 2020 Cleobury Mortimer 1260 Plain Bob Minor

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