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Cumberlands Score a Hat Trick in the Whitechapel Trophy

The results of the 2019 London 12 Bell Striking Competition, held at All Saints, Kingston-upon-Thames on Saturday 26th October, were:

1st Society of Royal Cumberland Youths 90%
2nd Ancient Society of College Youths (Phobos) 88%
3rd St Michael, Cornhill 85%
4th Ancient Society of College Youths (Deimos) 83%
5th St Paul’s Cathedral 77%
6th Croydon, Surrey 75%
7th Southwark Cathedral (Red) 71%
8th University of London Society 58%
9th Southwark Cathedral (Gold) 51%
10th Middlesex CA and London DG 45%

Recordings of the test pieces and band photos are available on the Competition website http://london12bell.org.uk/.

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Older features

  • 25th Jan 2016: If you wish to have a group of quarter peals printed together, for example those rung for a district quarter peal week, please create an event for it, enable Linked performances and then select Collate performances in The Ringing World. Please ensure that all performances get associated with this event before (or at least shortly after) the performance submitter sends them for print so they can be caught and collated. This can be done either by the person who submitted the performance, or by the owner of the event; for performances imported from Campanophile, only the latter is possible.
  • 24th Jan: We now have an RSS feed of news bulletins from the front page of BellBoard.
  • 25th Oct 2015: Users who subscribe to The Ringing World may now see this week's issue in PDF format linked prominently from the front page of BellBoard. If you are a subscriber and do not see it when logged in, this is probably because we were unable to link your BellBoard account to your subscription automatically. Contact us and we will link them manually. We also have a library of back issues allowing users to access any issues from your period of subscription. These currently go back to 2011, but we hope to continue that to 2001; they will remain available indefinitely.
  • 6th Aug: A new page shows the days of the year on which you've rung peals or other performances.
  • 4th Jul: It is now possible to download a PDF version of any performance by clicking on the PDF icon in the updated navigation menu above the performance. Many of the old options on that menu have been relegated to a new edit menu marked with a pencil icon. The left and right arrows (or the arrow keys on the keyboard) navigate to the previous and next performances, and the new up arrow returns you to the list. We would be interested in opinions on this new style of menu, especially regarding their usability on phones and tablets.
  • 2nd Jul: BellBoard now tracks the donations you've made, and allows UK tax payers to fill in a Gift Aid declaration allowing The Ringing World to claim 25p from HMRC for every £1.00 donated. This is all linked from the new-look account page, formerly the user preferences page.
  • Older features …