Society of Cambridge Youths
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
University Church of St Mary the Great
Friday, 29 April 2011 in 3h32 (24cwt)
5088 Spliced Treble Dodging Maximus (2m)
(2m: 2544 each Avon D, Bristol S)
Composed by A G Reading
1 David J Pipe (C)
2 George Unsworth
3 Jennifer E Butler
4 Cecilia E C Pipe
5 Elizabeth A Orme
6 Jonathan A Agg
7 Stephen A Croxall
8 Tessa K Beadman
9 Leigh D G Simpson
10 Luke T W Smith
11 Philip J Earis
12 Phillip M Orme
On the occasion of the marriage of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
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