North American Guild
Seattle, WA, USA
University of Washington
Saturday, 25 November 2017 in 42min (6–0–6)
1260 Plain Bob Triples
(on the simulator)
1 Melissa Cheng
2 Alexander E Holroyd
3 Madeline Holden
4 Rebecca A Woodgate
5 Michael Connidis
6 Stephen A Rossiter (C)
7 Anne Hutton
8 TJ Marchello
First of triples away from cover: 1
First on heaviest working bell: 7
Second quarter peal and second quarter peal on same day: 8
Third quarter peal of the day: 3
Fourth quarter peal of the day: 2,4,5,6,7
Fourth quarter peal of Seattle 2017 Thanksgiving Weekend, in memory of Alice Amelia Lyman Stuart, commemorated by the inscription on the second bell of the tower.

This performance is linked to the event North American Guild — Seattle 2017 Thanksgiving Quarter Peal Weekend.