Non Association
City of London, Lower Thames Street
St Magnus the Martyr
Sunday, 30 July 2017 in 3 hrs 20 mins (26¾ cwt)
5033 Stedman Cinques
1 Lucinda J Woodward (C)
2 Susan L Apter
3 David C Bath
4 Jack L Edwards
5 Pip Dillistone
6 Shirley E McGill
7 Claire F Roulstone
8 Matthew S Pearson
9 Philip Rogers
10 Ian G Mills
11 Paul J Tiebout
12 Lloyd S Cartwright
With warmest wishes to Elizabeth and Andrew Edwards (parents of Jack), who celebrate their birthdays today.
200th Peal of Stedman Cinques: 2
First Stedman: 5
First Stedman Cinques: 8
The oldest Bellhanging Company in the UK combining Modern Technology with Traditional Craftsmanship