Llandaff & Monmouth Diocesan Association
Llandaff, Cardiff
Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul
Saturday, 15 July 2017 in 3h 16 (24–1–15 in E♭)
5019 Stedman Cinques
1 Christopher W Kipling (C)
2 David F Moore
3 Joy E Kipling
4 Anne D Hayman
5 Philip D Hopkins
6 Harriet G Moncrieff
7 Robert C Woodward
8 Andrew C John
9 David J Llewellyn
10 Bryn C Kipling
11 John A Vesey
12 Barry J Hayman
To celebrate the consecration of June Osborne former Dean of Salisbury as Bishop of Llandaff at Brecon Cathedral this day.
850th for the Association - 9
After the peal, we received the following email from one of the Cathedral Stewards:-
I have just got home from Welcoming at the Cathedral this afternoon. The sound of the bells ringing out as I arrived at 2:00 pm was just fantastic. The sound then continued for the whole time I was there. We had the doors wide open and so many visitors came to ask about the bells. Twelve or more young Chinese girls came because they heard the bells; they are attending the summer school at Cardiff Met. University and are staying in the student accommodation opposite the BBC. It was so busy with visitors that I stayed on duty until 4:45 pm.
Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to the bell ringers involved. It really enhanced my afternoon and obviously gave great pleasure to our visitors.
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911