St. Martin's Guild for the Diocese of Birmingham
Birmingham, West Midlands
Cathedral Church of St Philip
Monday, 13 March 2017 (31–0–21 in D)
1275 Spliced Maximus (11m)
264 Gluon Little Alliance, 144 each Top Little Hybrid, Strange Differential, Plain Bob, 120 each Up Differential Little Hybrid, Down Differential Little Hybrid, 117 Lepton Little Bob, 84 Charm Differential Little Hybrid, 66 Baryon, 60 Meson Differential Little Hybrid, 12 Original; 55 com
Arranged by I J Anderson
1 Mark R Eccleston
2 Jack E Page (C)
3 Paul N Mounsey
4 Christian M Peckham
5 Paul E Bibilo
6 Jack P Gunning
7 James P Ramsbottom
8 Paul McNutt
9 Stephen M Jones
10 Colin M Lee
11 Thomas W Griffiths
12 Michael P A Wilby
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911