The MIT Guild of Bell Ringers
Boston, Massachusetts
Christ Church, Old North
Sunday, 20 November 2016 in 2:57 (13–3–5 in F)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (23m)
23 methods: 224 each Advent, Alabama, Ashtead, Belfast, Bristol, Buckfastleigh, Capricorn, Cassiobury, Chesterfield, Cornwall, Cray, Deva, Glasgow, Lancashire, Lessness, London, Masurium, Pudsey, Rutland, Stanton, Superlative, Sussex and Tavistock; 160 com, atw, eld.
1 Geoffrey Davies
2 Beth Sinclair
3 John S Danaher
4 Donald F Morrison
5 Edward J Futcher
6 Emily R Russell
7 Timothy J Barnes (C)
8 Dale A Winter
First 23 eld for all except 4.
For Christ the King Sunday, and to welcome Annabelle Evelyn Davies, granddaughter of 1.
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911